19th June 1989 A Star was BORN.

The Thinking Man

The Thinking Man

On the fateful day 19th of June 1989, a woman stress was taken off, a Man’s prayers was answered and the biblical “to give birth like the hebrew woman” came to being. A loud cry was heard, and crowd trooped en-masse around the new born baby to celebrate with the child’s family, that very cute child CHUKWUNONSO NZEKWE came into being with so much excitement, glamour and also a miracle was attached to his coming. His elder sister that refused to walk correctly even after 2 years plus began to work as soon as his arrival was heard, how mysterious to some but to Gods people a Miracle just happened.

For such feat to precede a baby’s coming out surely the little child must be a Great Man and he grew up, saw and felt so many good, bad and sour tales. That little boy turned Man now is 25 this very day and the only way he can rewrite history to console his steps to greatness is to start a topic titled “19th June 1989 A star was BORN..

This are few reasons why he consider himself one very big soon to be great STAR.

MIRACULOUS CHILD : it all started as a Miracle, the very day I was born, my elder sister (Onyinye Nzekwe) started walking and not forgetting the fact that my mom used to bleed whenever she gives birth but during my turn none was heard of even after so many people complained of the big shape of my head. That alone should convince anyone any day that I came on a bright note and will also end with one..and the the whole rants about the size of the Head led to the BIG HEAD BIG BRAIN.

BIG HEAD BIG BRAIN: I was so bullied during my growing up days courtesy of the size of my head, I hid in shame whenever I walked past some group of people. Shouts of Big head, “olori nla”,” ishi uku” et al usually renders the air.. I was a victim of series of childish bully and it even went a long way affecting my self esteem. I couldn’t come out or make speeches in crowd for so many years, but something no one could take away from me then was the fact that I was intelligent, articulate and also creative.. My big brain box was more of the reason why I ended up peoples INFORMATION DEPOT

INFORMATION DEPOT : even as I stayed away from crowd during my growing up days, I fell in love with informations. Stumbled on them because my Dad was not that lenient and could barely read even though he had this flair for current affairs and informations, so I started with newspapers he buys often. I was forced at first but later I fell in love with it because I became the toast of my peers when it comes to answering questions asked in all spheres. I was like a google to them even though I myself is not perfect and most times consult search engines and read a lot. It turned out to be a great advantage for me in the long run. The next one happens to be The PUSH, my wacky, weird and then progress period when I inspired and/or was inspired carelessly or carefully as the case maybe by people

THE PUSH: my growing up wasn’t that rosy, struggled from down below losing my beloved Mom when I was just 10 and also leaving the comfort and confides of My DAD(now late) to stay with my UNCLE.
Met a lot of challenges, that almost marred my Godly foundation, from peer pressure, to all sort of street runs that sometimes resulted to violence, destruction et al. But for the foundation that my God fearing parents did set, I would have remained in those horrible conditions. I was more of an inspiration to some friends around me when I discovered my writing and speaking profession, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it should be but in the long run I got adjusted to that system. I still remain my humble self even though the journey is still very far, I’m not getting tired in it though.

With this few said points, its not really a conclusion of my reach, drive and aspiration as regards my step to GREATNESS but its a consolation of the fact that I have since tried in my little way to accomplish that feat of GREATNESS as precede my BIRTH and my PUSH.

To God Be The Glory

Chukwunonso Nzekwe

Great Man

Great Man



  1. This’s a good1 bro…….I believe its the beginning of a better era……..God’s grace nd Speed.

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